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ASA coated Lion roofing is manufactured with the latest technology right here in Sri Lanka. As a top layer material ASA anti-climate coating is highly suitable for outdoor usage. ASA coated products preserve their colors and physical qualities showing high resistance for long years against UV rays, humidity, hot and cold weather conditions and perform highly against corrosion. Lion roofing products have numerous physical and visual advantages when compared to traditional roof covering. Eco friendly Lion Roofing is suitable for usage in all kinds of applications and detail solutions in the construction sector primarily in both industrial and residential applications.

Why choose Lion Roofing

Resolute over the time

Lion Roofing Tile is protected by ASA and research has shown that the color qualityis preserved for over 10 years.

Anti Corrosion

Tiles are totally anti-corrosive and can last for long years without being destructed by chemicals.


Our Lion Roofing PVC Roof Tiles are 100% recyclable thus environmental friendly.

Quality of the service

We are bound to treat our customers with utmost care and willing to help in giving any recommendation related to the roofing designs. 

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